Vitality Goddess

So, you're the one wanting to dial down the stress & up your energy in your perimenopause?


Ready to step into your best Years yet after age 35+?

You are in the right place!

Time to get your mojo back

Time to reclaim your calm + easily know which foods nourish you best!

It's your time to be able to cut through the sea of noisy nutrition fads + family chaos, + step into the Goddess that you truly are.

As a nutrition coach with 16 Years of clinical experience, I set out to do what nutrition should do: help us boost our hormonal balance + be backed by science.

Because food isn’t about calorie cutting, it’s about serving nourishing you deeply from the inside out, long-term.

When you want your energy, your mood, your focus + your periods to be a smoother ride, but you have no clue how to implement all of the working pieces, bring me in.

I’ll help you to feel like the very best version of you.

Vitality Goddess is your comprehensive 5 week guide, yours to keep, to eating & living in harmony with your hormones & feeling like the Goddess you truly are.
Designed specifically for Women over age 35 +

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Next Program starts Monday 7th June!!!

The doors open for early bird enrolment Sun 23rd May

Get ready to feel full of energy by streamlining your nutrition to exactly what you need.

Hi, I’m Jana – I went from adrenal fatigue with menopausal oestrogen levels, to restored. 

And, became a highly qualified practitioner along the way.

It’s time for you too, to harness your hormones & feel empowered

My Guidance,
YOU in the drivers seat

5 weeks, 5 major hormones, you feeling back at home in your body

Clarity on exactly what foods suit your life phase (can I get a whoop!)

All the support you need:

  • get the party started with our group coaching session
  • stay motivated with our private group throughout
  • have lifetime access to the weekly video tutorials which focus on key hormones to get your mojo back

Have clarity with your comprehensive workbook, meal plans & recipes with key ingredients for peri-post menopause.  Vegetarian & pescatarian options available

Take your energy to the next level

Get ready to feel calm & centred by streamlining your nutrition in sync with your hormones.

How does this program work?

Kick-starting with an in-depth hormone questionnaire & group coaching Zoom, to help laser focus on exactly what you need.  You’ll know exactly where to start & focus for yourself personally.  This is very useful particularly if you have any specific pressing issues. 

Then we start the program!!  I’m excited to offer the website portal access for life, which has short step by step weekly tutorials & actionable steps to take.

During the 5 weeks of the program, you can also access real-time coaching support via our optional private FB group.

Your workbook to download, is jam packed with specific info & action sheets, designed specifically for time-pressured Women that need to re-boot metabolism, have been told their thyroid is sluggish, or have crazy fluctuating hormones. 

Right away you’ll learn:

  •  which nutrients will help you through peri-menopause & beyond,
  •  recipes to help you to batch meals,
  • You’ll find out how to tweak & swap foods in your cupboard
  • You’ll be empowered with foods to fuel your thyroid & help balance your hormones.

After the 5 weeks you will feel like a Goddess, in sync with your hormones & feeling like you’ve got your zest back!

How will this help me?

As our hormones fluctuate through peri-menpause, taking care to nourish our hormones is the way we pave the way for a smoother transition, and to feel like the Goddesses we truly are!

Support for your:

What you will learn

What's included?


If you have pressing hormone imbalances, and/or need to build on small habit changes which fit in around your busy life ~ we can work together to make self-care fun & do-able, over a 5 week period, which sets you up for Years!

Spring Goddess launching soon!

Throw your hands up in the air

‘Cause we are going to take your energy

from zero to hero

Let’s work together

Designed specifically for Women over age 35 +

I have only 6 places for the 1:1 option for this intake

Get on the waitlist here, to be the 1st to receive access & the special bonuses.

FlipPING the stress switch: How to find your calm

On Monday 24th May at 8pm-8.30pm, via Zoom YOU can get your hands on 3 research-proven strategies I use within my online Goddess Program to calm the central nervous system & feel like the Goddess you truly are.

Add your details below to register. It’s completely free.

Do you want to get ahead of the curve & get the most well researched peri-post menopause supplements at 15% off throughout the program!


Most frequent questions and answers

There is scope within this programme to personalise it to fit your needs & busy life.

Firstly, the in-depth questionnaire will help you to laser-focus on the areas that you will want to prioritise.

The workbook will help clarify your action steps easily.

The there are 2 ways you can use the recipes, either follow the done-for-you shopping list & recipes as is, or use the macro nutrients I highlight as go-to foods as the main staples to tweak your current meals.

You can take it all at your own pace, and take longer than 5 weeks. If you are impatient for results, the closer you can manage the protocols, the better you will feel.

As a happy by product, weight loss comes if it is needed. As you repair from the inside out, your liver will function better & your metabolic rate will improve.  Weight loss is NOT the main focus of this programme, hormonal balance IS.  When your cortisol & thyroid hormones are happy, your weight will follow suit & work in your favour long-term.

There is a whole range of recipes (over 60 of them) and plants are the main focus, the protein you choose to accompany it can be flexible & can be swapped to non-meat variations in most meals without a problem.  Some meals are naturally vegetarian & vegan in this plan.

Meet yourself where you are at. I am not the best cook – but often find myself putting good ingredients together & calling it a ‘buddha bowl’ 🙂 You do not need to be a chef – choose the easier options where you can – there are plenty of easy recipes.  The best course of action is to use the 1st week (which is prep week) to plan your meals in advance.  I am here to help trouble-shoot every step of the way.


Please contact us via the form below if you have a query about any of our programs or monthly membership.

Helping you to feel amazing in your own body and mind
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FlipPING the stress switch: How to find your calm

On  Monday 24th May at 8pm-8.30pm, via Zoom YOU can get your hands on 3 research-proven strategies I use within my online Goddess Program to calm the central nervous system & feel like the Goddess you truly are.

Add your details below to register.