Reclaim Your Core Program

Recommended by Womens Health Physios, ladies are learning how to connect with their deepest core & pelvic floor recovery. Healing diastasis (tummy gap), urinary incontinence, and reversing mild prolapse, all personalised, all at a time that suits you, from the comfort of your own home.

How does it work?

Approved by physiotherapists and combining the alignment improving pilates & toning barre moves, with the latest pelvic health science. You’ll have lifetime access to your online comprehensive & progressed videos at the click of a button, on any device with internet connection. Learn the skill for life; to take charge of your pelvic health & reclaim your core. Start your journey by booking your 1:1 Zoom at a time that suits your schedule, and the follow up small group masterclass, where I can monitor your technique & results.


Build strength for your demanding role as mum

Will this program help me?

This program is based on 15 Years of experience with successful clients & my own postnatal journey.

This program is designed for you, no matter how many Years postnatal you are.

This program is designed so that you can do 4 short, time-effective workouts a week, and see & feel the results within 4 weeks.

Who was this created for?

Why does this program get results?

Put simply, this is the culmination of Years of successful results, popped into one private portal for you to access forever.  I am excited to chat with you, under no obligation, to see if this is the right plan of action for you.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to connect with your deepest core & a fully functioning pelvic floor.

What's Included?

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1:1, Masterclass, forever access videos


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Most frequent questions and answers

All the kit you need, you will probably be able to find at home already.  But to have the best experience, I advise:

1 x mini ball (or kiddies football)

1 x long stretchy band (or pair of tights)

1 x loop band (or tie a pair of tights into a loop)

2 x spiky balls (or 2 soft tennis balls)

If you would like a kit posted out to you, give me a shout.  They are £19 plus p+p


It is possible to do these classes with a diastasis, depending on assessment.  If you are post natal or have had children, an assessment will be part f your 1:1 consultation.  From my findings, I will be able to advise whether this, or the more individualised ‘Reclaim Your Core’ program may be more suitable first.

This depends on your exercise history, your problem areas and your goals, so we can absolutely cover this in your 1:1.  Usually I say make sure you do a workout that gets your heart rate up 3 x a week, and a core stability workout 3 x a week.

You can access these workouts 24/7 whilst you are a current member.

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