Exercise that could harm your core

Have you ever wondered what to do to strengthen your tummy, especially post natal?  Only to find on Dr Google, a list of banned exercises?

But what if you LOVE one of those exercises on the banned list??  Like a sit-up, or a plank, or jogging??  Are you to NEVER do them again?  What about reaching for your runaway Doggy (that’s a bit like a plank I find!!) Will it harm your pelvic floor & stomach if you do??

What I have found in my clinical practice, is that “never” and “shouldn’t” around exercise, is not very motivating or empowering.

BUT, flipping that and asking “what CAN I do right now?”  Is much more empowering!

A plank is an exercise that can work alll the abs, but we need to know our body in advance, before building up to this move.  There will be things you CAN do now, first 🙂

If you’ve noticed you get discomfort planking or doing a sit-up, or see a funny dome (pictured below) in your midline, that is a sign that it isn’t right for you, right now…..It’s time to ask what CAN I DO right now?

My job as a remedial therapist & pilates instructor, is to make sure you feel the right muscles, in the right places.

Getting the full steps to recover means you will get long term REWARDS.

Breaking down your bog goal, into smaller steps first really pays off!

Let’s tap into some ‘Wisdom Seeking Questions’ to feel good in our body (a term I came across via Lisa Wales, Coach & trainer at www.LPDA.co.uk)

Let me explain…through the eyes of looking at what you CAN do from where you are right now, you will get the results long-term, and pain free with it!

Ask yourself these helpful questions:


What will get me what I want?

Be aware of where you are right now.  For example;

  1. Check your midline for a diastasis (even Years after baby).
  2. If you have pelvic floor prolapse or pain, a Womens Health Physio can be a very good starting point. Do not ignore your pelvic floor.
  3. Get confident in how to RELAX your pelvic floor, which will help you to LIFT your pelvic floor better! When you lift your pelvic floor well, your tummy will respond & tighten as a result!  It will give you the very best foundation – for life as well as during exercise!  The pelvic floor talks to the tummy & the lower back, so having core co-ordination will get you the results you need.  You’ll then be able to layer up your exercises in a timely way.


What can I do to improve my symptoms?

Do you get a pulling sensation in your tummy after exercise, or a sense of heaviness down below after lifting something heavy or awkward??  It doesn’t mean you will NEVER be able to do more dynamic stuff again…but, we do need to explore what you CAN DO RIGHT NOW, so you have freedom long-term. 

  • Often times, this is making sure our foundations are great!  Its not all about strength either – mobilising areas of tension, will give you more balanced function in your core. 
  • Consistently doing your rehab exercises with good technique, and making the process FUN is key.  I always find good music helps & having others that are on the same journey as you to bounce off is even better.

Maybe a bootcamp isn’t great for the rehab-phase you are in right now, but core-rehab may set the foundations you need, in order to eventually get back to bootcamp!!


What can I learn from this, if my symptoms re-appear?

This is a great question!  At the end of each day & after each of your workouts, ask yourself how you feel, so that you can tailor it at a level that is right for you, right now.  Having a professional to troubleshoot with you, really accelerates your progress too! 

Know this – when you get the co-ordination in your core, and stay consistent, you will get stronger.  Keep going at the level that feels good for you, and SLOWLY ease the progressions in, to get long term results, without pain down the road.  Long term a plank, or sit-up will most likely be a wonderful progression!

I’m a huge advocate for being able to do what you love, just lay the good foundations first.

Keep me posted how you get on with this new info, and do share this with your friends!

For videos with pelvic floor in mind, check out my YouTube channel – the latest video has had really great feedback, thank you so much for all your kind words x

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