Autumnal Breakfasts for Peri-Post Menopause

Why specific breakfasts for this life-phase you may ask?

Food is the foundational form of self-care.  What fuel you put in goes to support your hormones, or not.

With these tweaks to your breakfast, you can be on your way to one healthy habit that supports:

  • Minimising Hot flashes
  • Blood sugar balancing
  • Mood dips & PMS
  • Support for the Adrenal Glands & therefore deeper resilience during the curve balls life throws.

Ladies over the age of 35 have a natural flux in hormones, and a decline in oestrogen.  Often times, this life-phase coincides with higher stresses of caring for younger & older relatives simultaneously.  And often times, we find our self-care at the bottom of the list.

There is always something you can do that fits your busy life.  Chances are though, its hard to know where to start!

To get my own hormones back on track, I leaned towards a morning fuel-based micro-habit that was an “easy win”, so that I could “piggyback” onto this win, with another.

Morning seems like a good place to start, as this is when natural motivation can be at its highest.  Creating micro-habits, is the foundation we build together when I work with clients, especially within our Goddess program, because it works time & time again.

My morning micro-habit is hot water & lemon…suit it towards Auntumnal times by adding some fresh slices of ginger, which are a huge immune boost!

One win begets another. 

So a healthy breakfast then is an easier choice to make.

To help you on your way, these ingredients are specifically designed to support oestrogen & progesterone balance through the peri-post menopause years, taken straight from the meal plan inside the program:

Quinoa porridge

Makes 2

1 cup quinoa

2 cups water

Non-dairy milk to taste

1 tsp cinnamon

Top tip: 

Menopausal or 1st 14 days of your cycle? Top with 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds to support gentle oestrogen.

Still cycling & after day 14? Top with 1 tbsp of sesame & sunflower seeds to support production of anti-anxiety progresterone.

Cook 1 cup quinoa to a ratio of 2 cups water for 12 mins in a pan at a gentle boil.

Now add enough non-dairy milk to make into a porridge consistency.

Add cinnamon to taste.

Keeps in fridge for up to 3 days.

Autumnal smoothie

Makes 1

200ml non dairy milk

1 handful fresh spinach

1/4 – 1/2 avocado

Small handful autumnal blackberries

Top tip: 

menopausal or 1st 14 days of your cycle? Add  1 tbsp pumpkin seeds to support gentle oestrogen boost.


Still cycling & after day 14? Add 1 tbsp mixture of sesame & sunflower seeds to support production of anti-anxiety progresterone.

Blitz and drink straight away.

If you feel ready to curve back to your most vibrant self this Autumn, do check out our 5 week Goddess program starting 5th October.

This program is a time for you to gain what you need for this life phase of peri-post menopause. A space to come back home to your beautiful self. 

All with science-made-simple weekly topics including energy, stress management, specific hormones, and healthy habit making.  Best of all, we do it together – im with you every step of the way.

Let me know if you try either of these recipes!

Jana x

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