4 Clinically Proven ways to give your Achey Muscles a Holiday


ARE YOUR MUSCLES aching from all these months of a make-shift work station?? Or months of missing out on your pilates class?

Will ice & rest make your muscle pain go away??


If you are doing the same thing over & over again…your muscles & joints are going to feel it!!

As I’ve had my 1st face-to-face week back in clinic, this seems to be a VERY timely share, I hope it helps you too

There are different stages associated to how long you’ve been in pain…but the earlier you assess & treat, the better. If you’ve ever been told to REST, you could be doing yourself a DIS-SERVICE

Try these clinically proven methods instead:

1) You may need to rest from what’s causing you pain (I know you all want to throw your laptop out now, however, it may be a case of breaking the posture pattern at your laptop, not the computer itself, shame.) 

HOWEVER it is EXTREMELY important to keep MOVING.  Keeping your mobility is KEY to flushing nutrients through your muscles & tendons.  Choose the level right for you!  get help from a professional if you are not sure where to start.

2) Have you ever heard Grandma say Epsom Salts were the cure all? She might just be right – epsom salts are packed with magnesium, crossing the skin barrier (this is called a trans-demal effect) and eases directly to your muscles.  Pour a cups worth into a hot bath to replenish those muscles.

3) You are what you eat.  It’s true.  Targeted support via known & research proven curcumin (the ingredient inside turmeric) as well as ginger & colourful vegetables, are all hugely anti-inflammatory. 

Other top foods we can fill our plate with are: 

We need to repair and rebuild with protein, and flush our cells with oxygen rich via foods like beetroot.

4) Consider targeted supplements.  I always start with foods, as you cannot eat pro-inflammatory food & hope the supplement will fix it.  Supplements are there as a ‘TOP UP’.  For example, when stressed, we need way more vitamin C than we could load onto our plate.  The same goes for magnesium, which every cell in our body needs, in order to function.  Magnesium helps us sleep better, eases headaches, PMS & soothes the muscles.

I personally have been a huge advocate of Nutri Advanced Fem Balance Magnesium for Years.  They have a whole range targeted for Men, Women, Sleep and more.   I’m excited to get our new batch in stock – so do pop down for yours whilst I have them on the shelf!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask away 👇❤

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