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Hello, & Welcome to the Vitality method

Imagine getting back in touch with the confidence that is within you…which means discovering the sparkling side of you that has been there all along!  Don’t feel that way? You soon will.  My deepest hope is for you to reconnect with a new appreciation for your body, feel empowered with new knowledge & discover your true strength.

Let’s work together to transform your wellness & feel truly AHH-MAZING.

Let’s elevate your health, & create a wellness plan that really works for you.

What do you dream of for your health? 

A stronger core? A new love for movement? Feeling nourished WITHOUT dieting?

Let’s work together to regain your inspiration, I’ll provide the fun workouts grounded in the latest functional pelvic health science, and we can do this together.

Here’s the good news;

It doesn’t take long to see huge improvements. I encourage you to take a look inside to see what is a good fit for you…..from access-to-everything membership, through to my bespoke laser focus Reclaim Your Core program, I’m sure you’ll find a good fit for you!

Where it all started

As a dancer, with a sore lower back,  I fell in love with the amazing recovery techniques of Pilates.  From there I was hooked, getting qualified to teach & working alongside physiotherapists to  design sound programs that gave the best results.

Seeing clients in chronic pain & post-natal discomfort, lead me back to study massage & scar recovery, which is one of the most rewarding parts of my work.  I want Women to feel empowered with their new body, discover their true strengths & reclaim their confidence.


From working in Gyms & Village Halls, myself & my other half dreamed of having a  place we could call home & work; We opened the doors to Vitality Centre in 2012 – converting it from an old derelict pub, to a ‘hub’ of health & wellness.  I am so humbled to share this caring space, and grateful for the support from everyone that’s made Vitality what it is today.  The journey of motherhood has influenced my work greatly, with qualifying in the myofascial techniques that helped my Son when he was born, through to the in-depth pelvic floor studies I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.

Then the tables turned

Vitality Centre, the physical space, has been a place for community –  where you get strong, & you get radiantly healthy from the inside out, and leave floating.  The centre has also been a great place to meet like-minded friends that support your healthy journey (and have a cuppa after class!)

So, imagine when lockdown came into effect in March – in person connection ceased overnight. It could have left us devastated & clients with no outlet for stress relief & muscle care.  

With the help of my very good friend & colleague, we went fully online within 48 hours, which is what you see today!!  Virtual Vitality Membership was born, with a thriving hub for clients to do multiple classes a day, and now, a laser focus course for my love of rehabilitation for the pelvic floor ‘Reclaim Your Core’

Whilst we hope to provide something in-person in the near future, the Online Classes & Programs have gone down incredibly well & are here to stay.

I love to chat, so do get in touch to see how I may be able to help you today.



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Something that will:

  • take less time than drinking a cuppa
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  • give you a new fun way to look at exercise & your lunchbreak!

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