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Centred around todays modern busy Woman, grounded in pelvic health science & infused with Pilates & Barre fitness

Community via classes in-person & Online

The Vitality Method

A comprehensive suite of classes grounded in functional fitness to get you from achey to eased out & energized.  Challenge yourself to activate your deepest core through Pilates & Barre

Designed for post-natal & pelvic floor fitness

Reclaim Your Core

Heal your diastasis recti, connect to your deepest core & regain a fully functional pelvic floor

A 5 week series combining 1:1 & guided video series to keep.  Feel empowered & confident in your body

Restore & Nourish & Rebalance Your Hormone Naturally

Vitality Goddess

Designed specifically for the perimenopause Years and beyond, tailored to your hormonal status


Self Massage Series

Release tension from your body and mind with this weekly online massage series



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Reclaim Your Core

Learn how to start on your journey to a stronger and more functional body starting with your core and pelvic floor!